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secondi di pesce il barocco

Ristorante a Ragusa Ibla

Il Barocco: dove il gusto diventa un'esperienza

In the "Il Barocco" restaurant tradition and authenticity they are the keys to our menu.

Each dish represents a careful selection of local delicacies Iblean and Sicilian, because we know that high-quality ingredients are essential to creating unforgettable dining experiences.

Authentic flavour:
typical Sicilian products

Our dedication in choosing products is meticulous, guaranteeing that only the best typical ingredients of Sicily find space on our plates. Our menu tells the history of this land through authentic flavors, celebrating the gastronomic heritage of Sicily. There refinementit is the fulcrum of our culinary philosophy and every dish arises from it search for flavors and combinations which make it unique. The combinations we offer satisfy every palate, from the essence of tradition to culinary creativity.

Secondo di pesce terrazza il barocco Ragusa Ibla
Il barocco Ragusa Ibla

Living tradition:
beating heart of Sicily

Our roots are reflected and traditional cooking methods, passed down from generation to generation. Each dish is a tribute to our culinary traditions, each bite is a journey into the authentic heart of Sicily. Come and discover the true essence of Sicilian cuisine at the "Il Barocco" restaurant.

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