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Restaurant menu

Service every day from 6pm to 11pm

Ground appetizers

The dishes offered are perfect for sharing

Beef tartare

Beef tartare with buffalo mozzarella, marjoram mayonnaise, quail egg and sprouts


Cauliflower cream soup

Cauliflower cream soup, crunchy morsels of Ragusana sausage, raw cauliflower and fennel oil


Grilled caciocavallo

Grilled caciocavallo, honey, walnuts and grilled seasonal vegetables


Selection of cured meats and cheeses

Selection of Sicilian cured meats and cheeses served with jam and Iblean honey


Seafood appetizers

Raw fish


Roasted octopus

Roasted octopus on creamed new potatoes, crunchy San Daniele raw ham and lime


Sea bass tartare

Sea bass tartare, cherry tomato concassè, caper flower guacamole, tempura and lemon zest


Mussel soup

Mussel soup served with flavored croutons


First courses of land

Ricotta ravioli

Ricotta ravioli with pork sauce


Stick to the norm


Fettuccine with pistachio pesto

Fettuccine with pistachio pesto, capuliato, crispy pork coppa and Ragusano caciocavallo


Short sleeves

Mezze sleeves, cauliflower, Nebrodi bacon and caper powder


Seafood first courses

Fettuccine with pistachio pesto

Fettuccine with pistachio pesto, bisque and raw red prawn


Spaghetti with clams



Tortelloni, swordfish, aubergine, roasted tomatoes, buffalo stracciatella and basil oil


Spaghetti alla guitar

Spaghetti alla guitar with anchovies, wild fennel and toasted breadcrumbs


Earth Seconds

Beef fillet

Beef fillet with wild herbs, sautéed chard and new potatoes


Sliced veal

Sliced veal with mixed salad and Maldon salt


BBQ lamb chops

BBQ lamb chops with roasted pepper cream and mint


Palermo style steak


Seconds of the Sea

Sliced red tuna


Seafood Grill


Salted cod

Cod with chickpea cream and Tropea onions


Mixed fried food

Mixed fried fish in straw paper


Side Dishes


Sweet and sour Sicilian caponata


French fries


Seasonal vegetables sautéed


Baked potatoes


Mixed salad


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