Restaurant Barocco,

Orphanage 27/29, Ragusa, RG 97100
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Pizza restaurant in Ragusa Ibla

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A few steps from the Church of St. Joseph in Piazza Pola, and by the magnificence of the Duomo di san Giorgio is the Restaurant and The Baroque: a tradition of twenty years of flavors of our cuisine of ragusa.


Since 1992, the family Cabibbo manages his restaurant in a warm climate, friendly and welcoming, offering typical recipes of the culinary tradition iblea, in their version the most authentic. The restaurant in The Baroque brings to the table the flavors, whose maximum expression is in the preparation of fresh pasta and simple dishes, that remind of the authenticity of the way of life family in the days of the feast.

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A team of competent and qualified staff is a guarantee of hospitality and represents the added value of the restaurant Barocco: every detail is taken care of by the owners, always attentive to the achievement of the full satisfaction of our customers, committed to ensure that every dish becomes a real experience, not only gastronomic.


The Restaurant pizzeria “Il Barocco” is equipped with a large garden and a courtyard with a capacity of over 120 seats, suitable for hosting corporate events and celebrations of various kinds.

The Restaurant

“Tradition and Authenticity, the key words of the Menu of the Restaurant “Il Barocco”; every ingredient of the dishes offered is the result of a careful selection among the resources of the territory Ibleo, and still in sicily.”


Typical products


Our research starts from the choice of flavors, combinations that make every single dish.

The past of this land speaks with the flavors, let us bring to the table all of this.


Careful selection of the products of our land.




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Unique combinations to suit every palate.

Our dishes are made with traditional methods that are passed down from generations in generations.



The use of yeast, grain, sicilian ancient flour stone milled, and the baking in the oven are the main “ingredients” and unique to the Pizzeria of “Baroque”. After a rise of at least 24 hours, the pizzas are highly digestible besides delicious. The Pizza Menu is characterized by the use of typically local products such as ricotta, cow's milk, the sausage Ragusa and the “cosacavaddu”.

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Where We Are

We are in Ragusa Ibla, a few steps from the Duomo of San Giorgio and the Church of San Giuseppe in P. zza Pula.

Orphanage, 27/29, Ragusa, RG 97100


We are open
Wednesday closing day


Please contact us at:

(+39) 0932 652397

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